A view of contemporary turbulent times by Shankar kalambur

Trump was a wild card who was never expected to win. They believe that they have the kill shot this time. The only objective of the dems has been his removal at any cost. Come elections they believe that this virus would have created enough anti-Trump feeling aided by the constant vitriol by the media.

It’s a known fact that depositors’ money lying with banks globally has been toast for a long time. The banking system has been the longest-running Ponzi scheme orchestrated and run by the PTB. Easiest daylight robbery AKA transfer of wealth. The rest goes for pension funds, provident funds in other parts of the world.

Trump sadly is clutching at straws and taking the path of the Weimar people and most recently Mugabe. He just might pull this one off with all the additional money supply, if the virus becomes history by mid to end June. He knows that THEY can’t drag this out for far too long. That would play right into Trump’s hands, he can cite the virus and get elections postponed even indefinitely. The great punter that he’s, he’s waiting for them to break. I believe he will win through everything. On his terms, not the easy way out he will play and win this and the elections.

The whole world definitely needs him to. Of course, they will try to make life very difficult for him but the consensus among non-Americans that I talk to is that he better stay and win this fight to the end. For our good


Shankar Kalambur

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