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Saddam Jameel is not just a passionate entrepreneur, but also an ardent perfume lover who happens to have a passion for collecting niche perfume from different parts of the world. “Every perfume has its own unique story”- motivated by this passion, he considered bringing this exotic experience to every common man’s/woman’s wardrobe. To alleviate the price factor from the middle, with the right mix of ingredients he could successfully create 95% matching clones of world-famous perfume brands. This product has got great market acceptance and could achieve ~100% ROI.


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Tell us about OLKA

Olka is a middle eastern name which means “ homeland of fragrances”. Hence Olka is a Perfumery brand that consists of a full range of perfumes including Indian, French, and middle eastern perfumes.

Have you undergone any formal training?

Not exactly, but yeah my curiosity to explore fragrances and read about the famous perfumes of the world led me to enter the industry.

What are the ingredients you use in the making process?

Both natural and synthetic ingredients can be used, but it varies from product to product. If you ask me for wider classification, then would like to mention a few such as solvents, essentials oils, fixer, musk, etc

Where do you source your ingredients?

From various suppliers in India as well as outside India ( France etc).

What is the range of products you offer to the customers?

My ideal concern was to give good perfumery experience to all range of consumers, hence my products start from Rs 100 and go on up to Rs 2000.

How does your company stay innovative and creative?

We keep on inventing new fragrances by studying market trends and market demand and we are much more creative in the presentation part and always concerned about after-sales services.

How do you establish your brand with a unique identity?

A brand having a range of quality perfumes.

What is the vision?

To contribute to “Make in India” and set a global perfumery brand from INDIA.

What is the one biggest challenge you faced in this journey?

Being a startup, I have faced multiple challenges.

First: Diversity of the Indian market — like every state, has its own values and culture according to which we mapping is needed and create a marketing plan for each state.

Second: Lack of investors in India, it is hard to find investments for a startup. The government has its own way of tacking support but I am hopeful to get additional support soon.

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