The much maligned blacks/ Africans

Wrong call. I have written earlier, from 35 years back about how the blacks/Africans were the most peaceful people till only 200-300 years back. The trauma caused by almost every second family being torn apart added to the way they were transported and the way they were treated would have repercussions going into the next century too. The only reparation possible is by mixing the 2 races. The inhuman conditions they were exposed to including as zoo exhibits in Europe. You can’t just wash it all away.
Of course, what’s happening now has nothing to do with race nor reparations. The central business district AKA downtown in all major cities be it LA NY or JOBURG for that matter have always been ghost towns after hours where the ones living there take over, where drug running prostitution etc are rampant added to which the deliberate release of hardened criminals has added to what’s going on. This was their plan b just in case corona failed to swing votes away from Trump.



Shankar Kalambur

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