Sell out music

Sadly it used to be when doctors were revered for their dedication and integrity. In today’s world where unfortunately money is coveted by everyone, all this becomes humbug. Usha Iyer is famous for singing to her audience, what will appeal to them is what she does. Case with most of our musicians. There are cult music groups in the west who are considered a cult for a reason. Their followers follow them for what they have to say and they never ever compromise on their beliefs. When beliefs are fragile, anything goes. Talking about doctors, Lancet, for long the Bible of modern medicine, has a head who has proven to have received money from the Gates Foundation. Obviously his views which would prevail would be highly compromised. In today’s world, all these so-called people are like cops. Do you think a vast majority want to become cops for the meager salary and rations they get. That’s the story all around, it costs big money to get degrees and its payback right after.



Shankar Kalambur



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