Parrot Story

A person was selling two parrots together, one parrot cost was 1000 rupees. The other parrot cost was 100 rupees. Everyone wanted to buy one parrot which was 100rs, but the seller didn’t accept to sell one parrot. The king was disguised and heard that a person was selling two parrots. He asked the seller to give one parrot initially, the seller had refused to give him one. He asked the king to take both. He took both the parrots and paid 1100rs. Now the king was curious to know whether the parrots would speak or not. The next day morning he kept 1000rs in his bedroom and wanted to see what does the parrots speak. At 4 am parrot has sung a song to wake up the king. He waked up with so pleasant mind by hearing the song that the entire day was wonderful. The next day he wanted to see what 100 rs parrot will speak, he kept it in the bedroom that night. At 4 am the parrot scolded king. It was 4 am still you were sleeping like a donkey. Wakeup!!

King got so angry on the parrot, that he called the soldiers. Asked them to kill the second parrot. He ordered them to get the person who sold it to him. Soldiers got the person. King asked him why did you sell me a second parrot?

The seller answered that he wanted to show this to the world both were the same parrots. One parrot had grown up in a good family where his rearing up process was good all the time. On the other hand, the second parrot was not from a cultured family.

Moral of the story:

  • Think before you speak.
  • The environment where do you live influences you, so choose that environment carefully.

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