Interview on slag sand with khader

Business Acumen WITH a courageous Heart- Interview with Khader Bhasa

It is said that courage and perseverance have a magical talisman before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish into air. An apt fact of life which perfectly suits the journey of Shaik Mohammed Khader Basha (popular as KK), the chief executive officer of KK Group of companies which includes KK Exports, KK InfraTech, KK Watch Company, KK Travels, KK Transport, KK Logistics, MAK Minerals & Emerald Infra Projects under its umbrella.

KK’s journey into the world of business started after he completed his MBA in 2007. Khader has started iron ore export business in Banglore, Goa and shipped iron ore to many countries, soon the government-imposed ban on iron ore export and he later did research with residue (ash) from iron ore manufacture of steel. The steel manufacturers had a very big problem to dump the residue (ash) left after burning the iron ore during the process. Khader Basha succeded after immense research and started using the ash for the construction industry. He named this ash as slag sand having a monopoly in this business he grew supplying slag sand to all leading developers in India.

He shot down my questions by giving very insightful answers and it goes as follows:

Mounika: Tell us about slag sand, and the scope of your business in India?

Khader: Slag Sand is an alternative to River Sand, there is a very good scope in India Due to increased construction activities, there is a tremendous shortage of river/stream sand which resulted in scarcity and costly river sand. As a substitution for natural sand, manufactured sand is being used. 

How did you get started?

We did our research in association with REMCO technology and the Proman company supported it. We invented the new machine called Vertical Shaft Grinder for producing slag sand, even though Indian govt gave permission to slag sand in 1979, people were not using slag sand I was a first person to promote slag sand in India. is our website.

K.K exports have been a leader in slag sand export in the past few years. What is the secret to the company’s success?

My passion towards slag sand 😊 and my team!! We are a team of 40 people.

What is the biggest struggle you faced in this industry?


What are the marketing challenges you have faced initially?

People don’t have awareness on slag sand initially when we started, we have done all of the promotional activities and educated people. We were a monopoly in the business when we started. We have footprints all over India.

How long your promoting Slag sand?

Since 2013!!

How many counties do you have a market? 

6 countries!! We already have good relations in various foreign countries, as a result, we are able to seek a large number of clients in foreign markets. We are developing large infrastructure to store the Indian iron ore to meet the requirements of our valued customers.

Do you encourage new bees in this industry?

Of course yes!! we gave technology to many new bees. 

Mounika: Thanks a lot for answering my questions!!


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5 thoughts on “Interview on slag sand with khader”

  1. One Individual with diversified talents and challenging abilities worth congratulating.
    In a competitive world exploring different
    ventures with courage and dedication
    requires lot of insight which Mr Khader
    Basha has acquired with skill & education
    background is a matter of pride & joy
    Such entrepreneurial abilities is the need of hour.
    Keep on march. Hats off Mr KK

    1. Thanks for your honest feedback sir. It’s all about your experience . You have vast knowledge and experience in analyzing people. I shall keep it up.

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