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Lokesh, the CEO of Barrix was working in the pharma industry and observed that year by year anti-cancer drugs are Multiplying. He wanted to understand the root cause of cancer and why people are fighting with this unknown enemy. With immense research and studies, he observed that pesticides are a major reason for the development of cancer as about 90% are caused by excessive consumption of pesticide content in fruits, vegetables, and food crops. He wanted to find an alternative for these pesticides and help people out of this vicious cycle. He took up pheromones and wanted to tap this untapped segment as pheromones are effective in controlling the pests. People had knowledge about the working But nobody went on to produce that in bulk and sell it as a product. He found a wide opportunity in that space and wanted to pursue in spite of the risks. 

He started the company with 1 product and later set up his own R&D for the development of new pheromones and synthesizing it in a commercially affordable manner and offer as a product to the farmer. His main intension was to serve humanity with safe and poison-free food which helps in avoiding cancer.

Hall Of fame:

19 years of experience in the pharma & Agri sector, including leadership roles overseeing marketing through 820 people clocked a turnover of 1600cr, regulatory compliance with 400 products registering with 60 countries, R&D of 127 new products & contract manufacturing of 800 crores, exports to 60 countries.

D. Pharma, B. Pharma, MBA (Pharmaceuticals Management)

Thanks for being with us today

Mounika: Lokesh can you give a brief introduction about your company?

Lokesh: Well, we are into the AG sector and providing agricultural inputs for proper control of pests and plant nutritional products for use by the farmers during the cultivation in their farm fields. We are a leading manufacturer of Crop protection products and crop nutrient products. Crop protection products are pheromone-based which are game-changing, safe and eco-friendly. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Products and nanotech crop nutrient products triple the farm yields with complete nutrients. We operate by extensive marketing activities at farm field demonstrations and sales through the supply chain network of 4000+ retailers. We have been recognized as one among the top 100 Agro companies in India in 2019 from FICCI- Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

Barrix has identified 28 new Pheromone molecules, 1 Dispersion technology, 15 patents applied. We have served 8+ lakhs, farmers, by increasing the yield between 20% to 317%.

Why did you start the Barrix company? What inspired you?

Actually I am a pharmacist, I have hands-on experience both in the pharma retails sector and pharma industry. I used to manufacture and export lots of Oncology products used to treat cancer to almost 120 countries. It was a very good business, in fact, month after month there was high demand in the market for these Oncology products, but recovery of the patients is very negligible and I was thinking quite a lot on what was the root cause of cancer and came to know that lots of chemicals have followed into our plates and they are the culprits to create cancer in our body. These chemicals can be pesticides, insecticides, weedicides or even food preservatives.

So, I started to research to find out if there are any other alternatives to control the use or to stop the use of these insecticides and stumbled upon safe alternatives called Pheromones, these pheromones are nothing but simple chemicals which are secreted by these pests and send signals to the pests of the same species, these pheromones are identified and produced in chemical synthesis and converted into products to be used as traps by farmers to control the pests very easily. These pheromones are the most promising products, the formulations contain pheromones in minute quantities for slow and sustained release of the pheromones constantly in the air, thus the pests can be attracted very easily and through-out the cultivation period. These pheromone formulations are assuring in performance and never come in touch with the crops and there is no need to spray, just hook in the farm fields and the pests automatically come and fall in the traps.

We also produce the micronutrient formulations like copper, iron, zinc, manganese, magnesium, boron, molybdenum, which are required in the microgram quantity as the nutrient supplements for the growth of the plants.

How does your production line work?

It is a well planned and coordinated production line. We produce the pheromones in bulk and convert that into formulations as per customer requirements.

From the inception in the year, 2011 today Barrix has a strong presence in 6 countries with 23 innovative products and 138 SKU’s, How you like to characterize this journey?

Well, the journey is quite fascinating but really very challenging as we can’t use media like TV channels, newspapers, magazines as farmers don’t spend time or money on those platforms. Hence, we have to reach every farmer and do product demonstrations in their farm fields so that they become familiar with the new technology products and then sales will happen, so this explains we have to meet each and every farmer which ultimately needs a lot of leg work. When I started my company, the reach of media in rural was negligible, but it has made good progress now.

One way I am creating the rural employment, I am showcasing the new technologies to farmers, get chemical residue-free food and in another way, farmers are making more profit by using our products and increased the yields anywhere between 20% to 317%. We feel very proud while working with farmers and consider it is a boon because we get both money and food from the farmer. I can tell you we are really blessed!!

Do you feel that Barrix has transformed the lives of many farmers? what kind of support do you give to the farmers?

We have approached 12+ lakhs farmers and still 43 million farmers to be reached. Mentioned some as points in the above questions.

What is the product range offered by Barrix?

Barrix Catch Fruit Fly Trap & Lure

Barrix Catch Vegetable Fly Trap & Lure

Barrix Magic Sticker Chromatic Trap yellow-sheet & roll

Barrix Magic Sticker Chromatic Trap blue -sheet & roll


Barrix Control

Barrix Plantcharger

Barrix RootCharger

Barrix Maya

Dot boron 12%

Zinc Edta 20%

Barrix Wetter

Barrix Juice

Barrix catch Domo trap for housefly

How have you been able to serve your clients the finest quality of products consistently?

Our lab is equipped with every analytical instrument and even the government of India Agri labs do not have to test the quality of the product. We also have a specialized bio-studies lab where we raise the pests and test every batch extensively for the biological performance of our pheromone products

What is the one biggest challenged you faced in this industry?

This is the 10th year of company presence and we have reached 12+ lakhs farmers. We have to propagate these new technology products to 43 million farmers and convince them. Propagation of the new technological products to the farmers is a very challenging one, we require a very big team to reach every Indian farmer, both time and money is a constraint at one end and on the other end, the Indian government has to take active participation to propagate this technological product through their Agricultural offices. Still, our products do not have proper HS code classification properly or licensed by the agriculture department.

What is the growth outlook of the company in global markets?

The global market is not big but it’s massive, our product doesn’t have proper hs code, so we have to export under pesticide classification, but other countries are rejecting to import as our products are not pesticides.

Thanks for your time Lokesh!!

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