How will humankind change

When and how will humankind change.

With the onset of the Syd Barrett syndrome (coined bye me). Syd was the founder member of iconic band Pink Floyd and a painter/artist to start with. He could not comprehend the adulation/money etc. with so called success and fell off with the band, many songs written in his honor by Floyd such as Wish you were here, Shine you crazy diamond etc. made them.

To stay on the subject, unless we have humans who shun the adulation/money, in sports, politics, music, business, etc., we will never ever get to a point where the rest of humanity learns that it is inherent in all o us to be great, reach oneness with divinity (for the yae sayers), and get them to work with the single-minded purpose of finding that within themselves.

When will this happen?

Shortly, wait for the act to open after many SLAPS engendered by us (Nature) and Ma Nature directly.


Shankar Kalambur

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