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Sangati Bansal is a qualified chef from the city & guild, London, and a homemaker. she never wants to waste her knowledge and didn’t want to be a typical housewife. she started from her home kitchen with the moto to serve the most authentic, healthy & easy to cook south Indian batters to the residence of Agra.“CURRY PATTA” is a self-financed startup in the year 2017.

The initial 6 months were very tough & challenging but because of her strong family support, she never lost hope.

Today CURRY PATTA is serving almost 4000 families in Agra which made them establish a workshop with more number of machines & manpower.

Thanks for being with us today!!

Mounika: How you came to found Curry Patta?

Sangati Bansal: It’s my knowledge and my parent’s inspiration to work and never settle for less theory which actually made me found CURRY PATTA.

How did you build up an entrepreneur spirit?

I have always seen my family working day and night to achieve the wonders in life, so even I could not settle without such aspirations and also the ever-increasing demands of the market and taste for authentic south Indian cuisines, made me start up my own brand.

What was your mission at the outset?

Since the inception we are growing at the rate of 100% within 1 year and is looking at the situation we want to widespread our brand to all the B and C tier cities within 300km range from AGRA within 3 years.

What was the toughest moment you have experienced in your business practices?

Few challenges which we face acceptance of the product by shopkeepers, managing the return sales, and the biggest challenge in the unorganized raw material supplies.

What is the product line strategy?

The production starts at 6 in the morning with 2 staff handling the production department, 3 with the packaging and storing and 2 with the dispatch.

Can you please brief us about how do maintain quality and consistent taste?

We follow standardized recipe-quality & consistent taste for all of our products and we make sure we are following it step by step, also we never compromise in the quality of raw material.

What is the product range offered by Curry Patta?

We introduced different kinds of gluten-free, vegan free & without preservative batters which are very healthy, nutritious & tasty as well.

We tried our hands on different kind of millets, pulses to make variations of batters like

Classic idli dosa batter, Ragi idli dosa batter, Multigrain idli dosa batter, ready to eat upma, sambhar masala, gunpowder, sprouted ragi atta, mysore masala,dry coconut chutney, fresh coconut chutney and launch awaited instant sambhar.

                                                                            Curry Patta-Products

What kind of feedback did you get so far?

Because of our quality and taste we were soo loved by the customers that we have always received positive feedback.

How do you plan on growing your business?

The growth outlook is to grow at 100% per year.

What advice would you give to an entrepreneur who is starting out?

It is never too late to begin, hardships do come in our way, but to fight them and overcome is what life is all about. And last but not the least if you can dream it u can do it

Thanks for your time Sangati Bansal !!

Edited by: lavisha chhajed

8 thoughts on “Follow Your Passion-CURRY PATTA”

  1. Gr8 going sangati bansal.
    You are my inspiration.
    I will also like to start the same in ahamadabad will you be kind enough to give me your recipes.
    Hope you will help me.

    1. Dad,words are less to describe you.
      A man with a very strong vision,
      our strength & Our backbone,Our Mentor,Our reason of success
      Our every step towards success goes to you.we are blessed to have a father like you.

  2. Sangati Bansal you have real magic in your hand…I truly believe that the success of any food product lies in the hand of the person who is making it. You excel in all your flavors and no other batter in the market can match the authentic flavor that Cuurry Patta gives.

  3. Congratulations & Great going Sangs! I wish I live in your city or nearby area where I can get the Curry Patta Products! Honoured to be your friend!
    Best Regards,

    1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart nidhi di,spent most crucial days of my life with you,with someone whom I have learnt so so much,your hard work,your will power,your dedication taught me a lot of are always in my thought.
      Thank you for your appreciation

  4. U r doing great sangu. I am so found of curry patta’s dosa n my daughter loves its idli. Nothing can match its taste n softness . We can eat it everyday. Keep up the great work darling😘😘
    Upasana singh

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