An interview with Chandrika- Kundan Handikrafts

Entrepreneurship is all about the use of innovative skills to set up and effectively run a business. By having a proper reference to entrepreneurship, businesses can easily improve their performance and lead businesses to an impressive level of success.

Kundan Handicrafts is one amongst of such kind of business. Chandrika is a founder of this handicraft who was earlier in her past working in an IT company. Chasing her dreams, She quit her job to pursue them into reality.  She always wanted to be self-employed and start something on her own. This dream made her to start her own venture of making handmade silk thread jewellery from home and started selling within her friend’s group. After a lot of immense efforts, Eventually, demand for these products increased. Expanding the current business, In 2014, she started a small scale industry, which is now grew into a 5 member team at a very fast pace. Over the 5 years of its existence, with perseverance and endless hard work, the company has emerged as a leading and trusted brand.

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Tell us about Kundan Handikrafts

We are a small scale industry with all women employees which has started 6 years back. We are manufactures of handicrafts, handmade silk thread, and semi-precious, stone jewellery, themed birthday and wedding decors, and instant ghee diyas.

Our crown jewel product — Purplebliss Instadiya made of pure ghee and pure essential oils. These Ghee Candles are used during prayers, meditation, and aromatherapy. Purplebliss InstaGhee Diya is handmade by the Low Income Women Support Group. We believe in providing sustainability through work. We are gradually making progress in providing low-income women with a livelihood. Currently, we have 5 women employees.

All our products are handmade with the utmost care.

Why did you decide to start this business?

I just started it as a hobby at first and started getting orders for my crafts mostly during Diwali for rangolis and other festivals, as the demand grew it has converted into a business

What are your expansion plans?

We are currently trying to survive in this COVID 19 situation. we have started diversifying our products with the marketing of other brands. So there has been an expansion in terms of products that we were dealing with, which helps us to manage costs.

What differentiates your products from the others?

The only thing we have ensured to maintain and constantly check is on the product quality. We have never made a compromise with the quality and also have ensured to constantly gather feedback from customers. Customer satisfaction has been a key factor in our business.

How do you ensure the quality of the product?

 We have multi-level quality checks, the experienced well-trained staffs are handover to check and pack before dispatch. Thus., We ensure to take feedback from all the customer’s post-delivery.

What is the biggest challenge you faced in this industry?

Kundan Handikrafts is a small unit and a sole proprietary. Managing finance(working capital, day to day expenses, salaries, etc) has been the hardest part of this business, especially in current COVID situations is a real challenge.

Apart from these, we also faced challenges in payment collections as few customers buy on credit.

Do you have any advice for entrepreneurs who want to start out?

My advice to entrepreneurs would be – the tough part is not starting a business, but to run a business without giving up. As an entrepreneur, you need to constantly adapt to changes and implement them. Everything will never happen as per the plans or how we expect. So always, we should have a backup plan. Only then you will be able to run a business and survive. I have come across various issues and have ended by being stressed, demotivated and having no clue how to move forward, but I have a bunch of motivating people around me ( family, my friends, or my girls-my Team) who have always ensured to help, support and stand by me whenever needed.

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  1. Wow Chandrika, its an amazing feat you have achieved. You are quite an inspiration to many other young entrepreneurs. Wish you good luck for the future

  2. I am do proud of your achievement. May you be blessed with success and joy. My best wishes for your journey!

  3. Awesome Chandrika. Great going….👏🏻👏🏻 Very proud of you my dear. All the very best and success throughout your journey!

  4. Sunita sonthalia

    Good work chandrika . Kundan products are really very good quality and beautiful made by her. Puja batti I have used very nice and aromatic .Everyone should try.she is hardworking and dedicated enterprenior and providing jobs for many women employees. Keep it up

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