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Everybody who is surviving in this world as part of our globalized society tends to eat healthy and be healthy as we all know health is Wealth”. So the demand for pure and healthy food intake has been raising up on a daily basis. As the global population began to grow rapidly, the need for a more sustainable approach in food production became more obvious. Unsustainable farm practices, geared only towards higher yields, put additional pressure on global issues like soil erosion, pollution if more import natural resources like water and soil, climatic changes.
To this attempt in accommodating the global food demands many people/ organization across the world is moving towards organic farming which is completely natural and sustainable farm management practice, organic farming is based on unique values. In other words, organic farming is not only a farm practice but also a philosophy of working together with nature.
Today we are going to talk about one such kind of agri tech platform called” Organo India” started in the year 2016 by Ajeet Singh who came from a small village in UP Gorakhpur from Farming background. Being an MBA graduate, he initially started his carrier with a Media agency. However, Later he left his job and started chasing his dream introducing his own venture to serve farmers. Organo India Actually works on the EFGH model, Where ’E’ stands for Ecology, now together with farmers, we pledged not to use a pinch of chemical fertilizers to stay intact Soil, Air, Water. ’F’ stands for farmers, where the main focus is to empower farmers with the latest technology & trends to enhance their standard of living and make them feel, they hold a prestigious position in society. ’GH’ stands for the goodness of health, where we envisioned feeding & make accessible organic food to everyone, now we working to bring organic produce from across the corner of India and distribute it in India for the betterment of people’s health.

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Mounika: Can u give a brief introduction about the company

Ajeet Singh: Organo India is an Agri tech platform that connects farmer groups to Bulk buyers i.e. Merchant exporters & Food companies. We organo India believes that formal Sales Channel’s biggest broken link in agri, which needs to bridge first as farmers find their-self helpless while selling produce. Going forward we are bringing all agri requirements to shop from a single platform such as Seed Inputs, Machinery, latest technology, saplings, and latest pattern in Agri and advisory services for better farm income.

Currently, we are working in 8 states with 70+FPOs (Farmer producer Organization), 5 Centers & 150+ Bulk Buyers.

Why did you start the Organo India? What inspired you?

Actually right from the beginning we wanted to serve large masses and do something as such, which impact masses, Many startups have taken a leap in our current time fueled our motto well, only thing has to decided is that which area we are good at, so since I hail from Farming background very much felt the pain of farmers and wanted to serve farmers.

More so farmer’s pain was not hidden from anyone, so we thought why not to solve this, so we started startups in Agri.

From the inception in the year 2016, today organo has a strong presence in India and with 50SKU’s how you like to characterize this journey

Prior to starting this we don’t have any professional background from Agri so with the idea we entered was well planned but unfortunately could not work, so figured out some other idea that too could not work but we were very firm that whatever we have to do we want to do in Agri only, we have tried a lot of things during the journey we visited a lot of places from Sikkim to Kerala, Ahmedabad to Manipur and come to know real broken link in Agri and we started building from there and Things started working out.

The first phase of failure we understood the consumer market, in the second failure understood farmers, and in the third phase, which is our success phase we understood the bulk buyer tendency.

Now Since we were actually up-taking farmer’s materials in ways of sales they were by default associating with us without more efforts.

What kind of support do you give to farmers?

The biggest support we have given to farmers is formal Sales channels (Market Linkages) and brought a lot of new patterns of farming, around the corner happening which can enhance farm economy. Told them not to make Agricultural a “Crying Ground” but to make Industry and run as a company as other industry does.

How have you been able to serve your clients the finest quality of products consistently?

In order to serve to the client, it was important to know their current buying pattern and flaws in traditional channels so we found clients focuses on four main points i.e Quantity, Quality, Payment guarantee & Service.

So Since farmers are not grouped so they buy from the second level aggregator, farmers can not prepare the materials as per their specification so they were not going directly with farmers and since farmers are sitting so far places client were not confident transferring money directly to farmers and services anyway cannot be expected from farmers, Similar kind of problems they were also facing with second level aggregators too as to finalize the single supplier there was huge cost and time. We identified this weak link and tried to give trust to clients on payment and material quality and therefore It was good for them to associate with us.

What is the one biggest challenge you faced in this Industry?

 Since this industry is full of challenges but the biggest was the unavailability of Formal Market Linkages channel & Information flow of demand & Supply from top to bottom so that farmers can grow accordingly.

What is the vision of the company?

Transform Agri into better paying & Happiest profession for all stakeholder’s especially farmers

What are your expansion plans?

So far our center point was bulk buyers so we made our connections with farmers accordingly. Now we are focusing stat-wise with farmers as the center point, for that we are setting up one Organo India Centres at 20–25 villages to cover and serve all agri needs, advisory & become collection center for agri produce. More so allowing other rural entrepreneurs to set up warehouses, cold storages, sorting & grading, and other farm value-added facilities nearby villages to serve clients well.

Create eco-system to do value addition in farm produce nearby farms so that it can match the client’s specification

What is your suggestion for new bees in this Industry?

 I must say to a new bee, this industry is full of opportunity, and every level there is a huge opportunity and thousands of start-ups should come and solve the problems collectively.

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Edited By K A Asha Latha

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