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This blog is all about Telling stories of travel places and coloful cultural history.

Inspiration for this channel is my Dad, he narrated me stories every night which are my golden memories. He finds the best way to convey the message in the form of stories. End of the story he will ask the conclusion of the story and tell why he said the story. Stories are the only place where you can revisit time and history and learn from them. Stories has a power to communicate in better way. So thought of sharing Dad's wisdom through stories to the world.

This Blog is dedicated to all Daughters who miss their Dad's stories !!!

Blog Posts

Pleople love stories!! We turn your unique story in to a blog post. We share how your particular story has given you pause to delve more into your feelings or perspectives. Want to share your story?

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Dad's girl

My Story

I am an Entrepreneur and a Solo Traveler, I write and share  stories on this channel. I am always fascinated by this wonderful Art of Story-Telling. Whether it is telling stories, reading the stories or listening to them, the descriptions and narrations tend to captivate the minds of the audience. The impressions left on the mind are long-lasting and powerful.